Probir K Bose

Mr. Probir Bose started his career in Dunlop India Limited where he worked for nearly 20 years and left as General Manager (Marketing) of the Tyre Division. He joined RPG Group in Phillips Carbon Black in early 1991 as Vice President (Marketing). After a short stint he was transferred to Associated Ceat Private Limited as Chief Executive of the Sri Lankan Project in Colombo. This green field operation started in 1993 and was the first joint venture between an Indian Company and a Sri Lankan Company after the IPKF operations.

On his return he headed RPG Netcom Limited, the Company which pioneered the use of optical fibre in Cable TV distribution. In 2001 he was brought into CESC to head the new Customer Relations Division.

At present he is the Director and CEO of Woodlands Multispeciality Hospital Ltd., Kolkata.